Today I Used a Coupon For an Item I Didn’t Actually Buy

king soopers custom couponsKing Soopers mails “custom” coupons to their patrons. It’s great target marketing. Except, why do they mail me coupons for Athenos feta cheese? I buy feta cheese. And I like Athenos feta cheese. But the King Soopers I regularly go to doesn’t carry Athenos feta cheese.

They carry Athenos products, just not their feta cheese. That’s because my King Soopers has a Murray’s cheese shop in it and they are, contractually, not allowed to carry some competing products. Which means no Athenos feta cheese.

In fact, all three of the possible King Soopers I might consider shopping at have Murray’s cheese shops. So, it bugs the heck out of me that they still send me these coupons.

I have, twice now, picked out a different feta cheese and, at checkout, explained to the cashier why I expect them to honor my coupon for Athenos feta cheese.

Both times I’ve been successful.

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