Today We Got Lots of Groundcover

hens and chicksI wanted a fountain in our back patio/courtyard area for Mother’s Day. Instead, Jay decided to put in a pond, with a couple of pond spitters, some water lilies and water hyacinth and goldfish! Of course, it’s taken much more effort (and expense) than he anticipated. Plus, he blew a breaker or fried a wire and now the outlet for my hairdryer doesn’t work…

Anyway, it’s coming along nicely and we’re really enjoying it. However, the domino effect has started in. Now that we’ve got the pond, the rest of the area was looking shabby and needed some sprucing up. We love groundcover. It’s tidy, low maintenance and very succulent looking. We used a lot of it at our old house, and it looks awesome. But, it can be pricey to buy enough to cover an area.

So, Jay looked on Craigslist. Sure enough, someone not too far away is redoing his landscaping and selling his groundcover for $7/sq ft. Jay contacted him and they made arrangements for him to go over. In the guy’s email, he mentioned that his house was the one with the Canadian flag over the front porch. So, I emailed to ask him if he was Canadian, as I’m from Calgary. Turns out he’s from Calgary, too. Nice little connection there. 😉 He liked Jay and kept telling him to take more. He came home with lots of dragon’s breath, hens and chicks, and ice plant . Probably about $200 worth retail, for $30.

It’ll take nicely in time for Rachel’s graduation party next Saturday.

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