Today We’re Getting an Offer On Our House

for saleWe got an offer about 4-5 days after our house went on the market. It was a lowball, about $35K less than asking. We countered, coming down about $5K. They countered back, coming up $5K. So, we were still $25K apart.

We asked for their highest and best, and they came up an additional $15K. Had they come up $20K, I think we would have jumped at it. But we didn’t. And I started wondering if we’d made a mistake this week. Our asking price is probably a tad optimistic.

I asked our agent to contact their agent to see if they’d found something else. Inventory is super tight these days, which is great for sellers. And rates are super low, which is great for both buyers and sellers. Rates are poised to increase, which will dramatically affect buyers. My hope was that the potential buyers hadn’t found anything and are feeling the squeeze. (We’re certainly feeling the squeeze. While I want to squeeze as much out of the house as possible, the stress of carrying it and waiting is squeezing my mental state.)

So, I was encouraged to hear that the buyers had not found another property. And I am even further encouraged to find out that the people who saw it last night are preparing an offer today. Our agent will communicate this to the original “buyers” to try and create a little urgency in their position.

Fingers and toes are crossed!


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