Today I Comparison Shopped

garage doorApparently, we need a new garage door for our old house which we put on the market last week. (We already have an offer, but it’s low.) The current door is original, circa 1970, and it’s sort of sagging. It will for sure be flagged on any inspection we have. Better to have a new one and fewer inspection items for the buyer to start negotiating the price – downward. I know nothing about garage doors, but Jay gave me enough info to start calling around.

Since we’ve never, to my knowledge, had to buy a garage door, I asked our agent if he could recommend a place. He did. I called them (A) and got a quote, which includes installation and hauling away the old door. As luck would have it, they are currently having a sale.Then I got on the internet and looked up a few more places. I called three of them. The best known place (B) had substantially higher prices. Another place (C) had the same non-sale price as (A). As in, before the 20% discount. When I called place (D) the guy who answered sounded so tired and lazy that I just told him I had the wrong number. I truly didn’t even want to engage in a conversation with him.

I’m going with (A). The gal on the phone was very helpful and cheerful and the most informative of all the businesses I called. They are having a sale. Our agent recommended them.



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