Today I Did NOT Use United’s Shopping Mall

mileageplus shopping logoI’ve posted before about using United’s MileagePlus Shopping Mall when shopping online.

I’m adding a caveat today.

Compare what it will cost with and without shopping via the mall. It’s probably best to try without first. Then go in thru the MileagePlus mall and see what your totals are.

I was shopping at Puritan’s Pride and was about to check out when I remembered to use the MileagePlus Shopping “portal”. Going in this way earns me 3x miles. But, suddenly, free shipping and the 10% discount disappeared.

My total going thru the mall was approximately $7 MORE than if I went directly to Puritan’s Pride via Google. And this is on a $20 order.

Definitely NOT worth the miles!!!

I’m pretty sure this is the first time where it cost more thru the MileagePlus site, as I often compare. But it’s definitely something to be aware of.

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