Today I Got a Can of Condensed Milk For Free

sweetened condensed milkIt’s hardly a big deal, but it’s also hard to come up with posts five times/week. So I’m using it! 😉

I was checking out at King Soopers and, as usual, trying to pay attention to the prices that were ringing up. They’re usually right. But not always.

I was buying six cans of condensed milk. I noticed they were ringing up for $1.98/can, yet I was 90% sure the price was $1.79. So, I mentioned it to the cashier. I hated that she had to go find the product and check the price, as there were people behind me. But I was right. I got one of the cans for free, because of the pricing error. (I made a point of asking.) She then proceeded to back out the six cans and then re-ring them up, manually entering the price. Geez! I didn’t dare turn around to see the guy behind me. It seemed to take forever!

But, who am I kidding? No way was I going to pay the higher price. Had I not noticed the discrepancy, the milk would have cost $11.88. But, I did notice it and I only paid $8.95. That’s almost $3 less. That’s more than what one of my yoga classes costs me (after I get all the discounts). That’s two trips to Curves using the Groupons I bought. I need these workouts because…

…I put two tablespoons of condensed milk in my coffee every morning!

Not to mention all the times I sneak a taste…

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