Today Entertainment Books Are $15

I already bought my 2013 Entertainment Book, but I’m keeping track of how much they cost throughout the year. The regular price is $35. On October 1st, they were available for $31.50. In December they were on sale for $19.99.

And today the price went down to $15, with free shipping! (I know, from last year, that the price goes down to $8.99 sometime during the summer.)

The coupons are good through October, so there’s still a lot of time/value in the books. And some of the retail coupons are good through the end of the year.

I haven’t been keeping exact track of how much I’ve saved with my current book – but it’s already well over $100. I’ve gotten pretty good about checking the book prior to making purchases and have used coupons at Sports Authority, Dick’s, Regal Theaters, my rec center, Expedia, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and King Soopers. I save $8.50 each time I buy a punch pass at my rec center, alone!

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