Today I “Used it Up”

napkinsIn her book, The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin lists a bunch of her “True Rules”. And she asks her friends what some of their True Rules are. I liked a lot of them, but one in particular really resonated with me: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

The writer in me likes the fact that it’s clever and rhymes. But I also like it because I’m in the middle of a “use it up” phase, myself.

I’m using up the food in our pantry and freezer. Last night I made risotto for the first time, and used up two cans of chicken broth in the process. It was a win-win situation all around. I used something up. I tried a new recipe. And it was delicious!!

I’m giving some of the non-perishables to our son, who came down from the mountains for the weekend.

And I’m taking some cans into the food drive at Curves.

I’ve been using up birthday/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine’s Day napkins I’ve accumulated over the years.

I’ve made a big dent in using up the makeup and toiletries that had built up, hidden in the jumble of stuff under the sink in the bathroom of our last house. I’m actually getting to where I have to start replacing stuff – mascara, foundation, lotions. I love having just the right amount. For me, “enough” is what I’m currently using and one more for when it’s used up. I don’t like having too much stuff. Nor do I like to run out of anything!

I’m also a proponent of “throw it out”. Sometimes just getting rid of something is the simplest and smartest route. If this is hard for you, just watch an episode of Hoarders. You will find yourself compelled to throw something out!

In fact, I’d be inclined to slightly reword the rule to “Use it up, throw it out, make it do, or do without.

It still rhymes!

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