Today I Took a Tub

bathtubIt’s a little embarrassing, but one of the biggest selling points when we bought our house in ’11 was the tub. Boy, did I want one of those big, deep, soaking tubs. With or without jets. Our master bathroom, at the time, had a shower, but no tub. The only tub was in the main bathroom and it was just a standard size. I really, really, really wanted a soaking tub.

And I got one! It’s a little dated, but it does the trick. The jets even work, not that I use them often. BUT – there was still a problem and I think it’s a common one. The tub didn’t get nearly as full as I wanted. Once it got to a certain depth, the overflow plate caused the water to start draining, well before it was very deep! I know this to be a common problem as I Googled it and found similar complaints and product suggestions to resolve it. One of the products was a clear, rubber thing you stuck over the overflow plate. Its opening was on the top vs. the bottom, so the water didn’t start draining until it got a couple of inches higher. This product didn’t work at all for me. It wouldn’t stick to the tub. BUT, it did give me an idea.

The lever in our overflow plate already wasn’t properly connected to the drain stop. So, I unscrewed the overflow plate, removed all the hardware between it and the drain stop, removed the drain stop altogether, turned the overflow plate upside down (so the opening was on the top instead of the bottom), screwed it back in, and bought a $2 rubber drain strop. 

Hopefully, the picture shows enough for all this to make sense.

I can’t tell you how proud I was of myself for coming up with this idea!! It adds inches of water to my bath and I can, for the first time in my life, luxuriate to my heart’s content as if I were the Queen of Sheba. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Today I Took a Tub

  1. Unless your tub is on the ground floor, I hope you took into consideration the extra weight of the ‘more-full’ tub. Be a really bad thing if it — and you — came crashing through an insufficient floor support system!

    • The tub is on the main floor, but there is a basement beneath it. I’m not concerned about the extra water weight as the house is very well built. But that’s something to think about…

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