Today I Bought a Couple of Groupons for Curves

grouponI’ve been wanting to add some strength training to my “workout” schedule. I go to yoga twice/week, swim once/week, and, depending on the weather, usually try to get a walk/bike ride in every week. But, no strength training. To be honest, I’m a little intimidated by the weight room at the rec center. So I was thinking that I could ease into some circuit training by going to Curves where there are no guys, no complicated machines or decisions to make.

I was wondering if Curves sold punch passes vs. having to have a membership. I’m not interested in an ongoing membership anywhere – just passes where you pay as you go. The Curves website had nothing about prices or memberships. 🙁 So I Googled to see if anything came up and voilà – there was a current Groupon. Ten passes for $15. What a deal! I bought two and hope I can use both, as you’re only supposed to buy one, but can buy more as gifts. That might backfire on me. We’ll see. Maybe I can use one pass as one Curves and another at a different location. Otherwise, I’ll have to try and sell it on Craigslist or get a friend interested in joining me…

Unfortunately, I forgot to access the Groupon website via TOPCASHBACK. Had I remembered, I would have gotten an additional 5% off!


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