Today I Got 20 Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupons

bedbathbeyondBoy, did I ever hit the motherload!

Yesterday, I got a Bed Bath and Beyond catalog with a $5 off coupon. Just in time, too, as I’m almost out of them.

I sent a text to my sister-in-law to remind her to save it for me (if she got it and doesn’t plan to use it). I save Costco diaper coupons for her. 😉

That got me thinking that maybe some of my other friends might just throw theirs out. So, I emailed a couple of them. And, guess what?! One of them said she had a stack of them that she’s never going to use. As in 20 of them!!

Most of them were 20% off coupons, but seven were the $5 off kind. What a windfall!

As they say, ask and ye shall receive! Now I just have to snag a couple 10% off discount gift cards before I go shopping. We’re running low on anti-chlorine shampoo!!