Today I Got My First Subscriber

I’ve been blogging for months now, despite not knowing much about how the software works. I can tell by the site stats that I get 40-50 visits/day. But I’ve had no subscribers and no comments (at least not since I installed a plugin that stopped all the dozens of spam comments I was getting every day.)

No worries – I’ve still found blogging a satisfying and discipline instilling endeavour.

But, I started following The Happiness Project blog this week and it started me thinking about why I haven’t had one subscriber. Clearly, Gretchen knows what she’s doing and I don’t. (The fact that she has a New York Times bestseller probably helps.)

So I started looking at my settings and I made a change to one of the “discussion” settings.

And today I got a subscriber! I literally have no idea if there’s any relation or if it’s simply a coincidence. Truly, my social media skills are virtually non-existent. There are little buttons I can add for FaceBook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a bunch of other things I’ve never heard of. How complicated is this supposed to be?!

Something else that occurred to me yesterday, too, was that I’ve never backed up my blog. That caused me a little panic! I asked one of my writer friends (who has a blog and is drastically less technologically challenged than me) and she said my hosting service should have that capability. It took me a few minutes to even figure out what my hosting service was. But I think I backed it up.

Anyway – I think I’m making progress. I have a subscriber, although I’m not sure what that does or means. Maybe I should subscribe to my own blog to see what happens!

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