Today I Deposited a Rent Check From Home, For Free

I got an iPhone back in November, after I mistakenly washed my Blackberry in the laundry. I was overdue for an upgrade anyway. But it was painful, nevertheless, as I had already priced what I would get for it ($50) when I sold it to

Anyway, I washed it and that was that. And now I have an iPhone which I like a lot better. I’m not having a love affair with it, though, and I decided it was because I haven’t really made use of all its capabilities.

In particular, I want to learn how to use it in money saving ways. I did download a price comparison app called ShopSavvy that I’ve used a couple of times, with success, but that was about it.

So, in the past couple of weeks I’ve made an effort to learn more about it. I’ve played with dictating texts instead of typing them. Cool!

My son insisted that I needed to download the Google Maps app and start using that instead of using Mapquest at home and printing off the directions. So, I the other day I downloaded Google Maps (but that’s as far as I got).

I downloaded the Flashlight app and have used that quite often.

And today, I downloaded the Chase mobile banking app. This will come in handy when I’m at a Public Trustee auction and I need to transfer money from one of our HELOCs to our bank account, so I can get a cashier’s check. I’m sure I’ll use it that way. But, I’ve already used the app to so something that makes me really happy.

I deposited a rent check from home. No driving to the bank. No service fee, like my other bank charges to deposit a check after scanning it on your computer (such a pain). There’s a limit to how much you can deposit. It wouldn’t, for example, allow me to deposit a $2,200 check. But it did take the $995 check. Which is OK, because that’s the last check to arrive every month. The others, I usually get and deposit together. And then there are those small, sporadic checks that show up throughout the month (refunds for whatever, a royalty check here and there). Now I won’t have to make multiple trips to the bank to deposit these.


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