Today I Upgraded Back To Executive Membership at Costco

I’ve been back and forth on this a couple of times. At first, I decided to keep our executive membership. But that changed when I started buying Costco Cash Cards online with Vanilla Visas. However, since I can no longer buy Vanilla Visas at Office Depot it, once again, makes sense to upgrade back to the executive membership and get the 2% reward – at least until our purchases drop to a point where the additional membership cost ($55) outweighs the 2% return.

All it took was a reasonably quick phone call.

And, if you recall, I recently upgraded our American Express card to their TrueEarningscard (something I had been totally unaware of until recently), which will earn us some more cash back. It will be interesting to see, at the end of the year, how much it comes to.

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