Today We Had Some Trees Cut Down and Trimmed

Last summer a young man stopped by to give me his card. He has a tree trimming business and was working in the neighborhood. I was pretty impressed by him and gave his card to Jay, who gave him a call this weekend.

Turns out he was in the area, again, and he zipped over to give us a quote for cutting down two dead aspens, as well as trimming four of our larger trees. His quote, $600, was very reasonable based on other estimates we’ve gotten. This is his off season and he said he’s just trying to keep his crew busy until spring rolls around and he gets busy again, when his prices will double or more. They showed up on Monday, cut down the dead trees, trimmed the others, cut up and left us some firewood, and hauled everything else away. There were three or four of them, and they worked for a good 4-5 hours.

I hate spending money on “maintenance” but it’s a mistake to let things go.  


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