Tomorrow We Close On Our Refi – Finally

In two previous posts I talked about applying to refinance our house.

We were hoping that the 3rd time would be the charm…

and it is.

Finally, we are closing!!

Our current rate is 4.625% and the new rate will be 3.625%. Had we been able to lock in a few weeks earlier than we did, we would have gotten close to 3.5%. But, we had to wait until Jay had two paycheck stubs showing his raise before we could even begin the process and, by then, rates had climbed a bit.

Regardless, we’re happy we persevered. It was a huge pain in the rear, but it’s worth it. Tomorrow I will have the settlement statement and can post specifics on how much we’re saving.

For now, we’re still entertaining my brother and his girlfriend. They’re taking us to see The Who tonight!


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