Today I Decorated On a Budget

My brother and his girlfriend arrive on Saturday and I’ve been getting the guest bedroom ready for its inaugural unveiling. And I’m doing it as inexpensively as possible.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the “free” curtains we hung and the bedroom set we bought.

We’re down to things like bedding, pillows and decorations. I got a king sized comforter set for $54 at HomeGoods and it looks great. But, our house is cold and an additional blanket or quilt is necessary. I was going to buy something but decided to go through our closets and bedrooms to see if we already had something that would do.

Bingo! Found a nice down blanket in Steve’s room (he’s living up in the mountains in employee housing while he teaches ski lessons at Beaver Creek). It even matches the comforter set. We have tons of pillows in our master bedroom and will temporarily donate two of the king sized ones to the guest room, which already has two pillows. The pillow cases match the room well enough and we won’t miss them for a few nights.

I used existing brown towels for the bathroom (but did buy a bathmat at Costco). We dug around and found some accessories that weren’t being used – a mirror, a couple of pictures and sit arounds, some lamps from the boys’ rooms…

The room looks complete. It’s not worthy of Home and Garden, but it’s comfortable and inviting and I keep going in to look at it 😉 Plus, it’s only going to be used 3-6 times/year!

You can probably see from the picture, that the walls are still a little bare. I have plans for that and will post about it tomorrow. 


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