Today I Prevailed Over the Dreaded Tube

tube of lotionI’m not talking tube as in TV. I literally mean a tube.

As in toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, makeup…

I’ve got a bit of arthitis in my hands. Not much, but enough to really affect my grip strength. Squeezing the last bit out of a tube is really difficult. And I hate to throw something away before it’s fully used up. So, I’ve devised some strategies to allow me to triumph over tubes:

– avoid them in the first place. 😉 This is sometimes possible. For example, I’ve got a couple different foundations (makeup for you men). One is in a tube. One is in a little glass container. I will never again buy the kind in the tube. Not only does the squeezing tax my hands, but I’ve discovered that it doesn’t travel well. After flights it gets pressurized and when I unscrew the lid, the makeup oozes out until I manage to get the lid back on. It’s a huge mess and waste.

– for shampoo and conditioner, when I get down to the last bit, I hold the tube up to the shower head to try and get some water into it. This works better for some tubes than others. It all depends on the size of the hole. But, I always manage to get some water into the tube, which dilutes the shampoo or conditioner. Shake it up and you can usually get even that last bit out.

– for lotion, I cut an inch off the bottom of the tube. I can then use my finger to scrape the lotion clinging to the sides. Keep the cut tube in a ziplock bag so the lotion doesn’t dry out and cut some off each day until there’s literally no more to get out of the tube. I can make a tube of lotion last for an extra week or more with this strategy.

– for toothpaste, just throw it out. If I can’t squeeze any more toothpaste out – that’s it. Toothpaste grosses me out.


3 thoughts on “Today I Prevailed Over the Dreaded Tube

  1. Hi, I popped over from Gretchen Rubin’s blog.

    I do the same as you but I have a trick with the tubes. Make the cut about one-third of the way to half the way down. You can get the lotion on both sides out and while you’re using all that up, use the top of the tube and ease it over the bottom of the tube to prevent drying out.

    Here’s my very old post (6 years ago now!!) with a pic 🙂

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