Today I Started Watching Season Two of Downton Abbey

I posted about my Season One marathon a couple of weeks ago. Season Two has proven to be trickier to get. Neither Redbox nor Blockbuster Express carry it. Both local library systems do, but I’m number 94 of 109 with Denver and 163 of 228 with Arapahoe!

My brother, Robert, has the DVD and said he’d send it down when David comes to visit in February. So, a bit of a wait, but better than nothing.

EXCEPT, I was chatting with a woman from my yoga class on Monday. Turns out she’s a Downton Abbey fan, as well. I told her about my Season One marathon and how I was waiting to do the same for Season Two when she mentioned that she has both on Blu-Ray and did I have a Blu-Ray player?

Bingo!! She brought it to yoga class yesterday and I watched episode one yesterday afternoon. I’m going to the mountains with my friends today, but I’m sure I’ll be having another mini-marathon when I get back Sunday afternoon. 😉 


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