Today I Bought Some Martha Stewart Casseroles

Last week I broke the large Evesham casserole I got as a wedding present in 1986. Drat!

I guess I shouldn’t have been using it to bake tuna casserole all these years! I’m sure Jay wasn’t too unhappy about it, as I keep it out on a shelf with some other Evesham things we got as wedding gifts. He thinks they look like “old lady” stuff. He wouldn’t have been nearly so ambivalent about it had he known that, like it or not, I need a covered casserole and they aren’t cheap!

I could replace the Evesham one. God knows what they cost new. At it’s $150 plus shipping! Used. I could probably get a used one off of eBay for less. But I have to agree with Jay. I’m not crazy about the Evesham look. I NEVER use the other pieces I have and maybe I should consider selling them to myself. I have some Hummels and Lladros I could do without, as well. But that’s another topic…

In the meantime, I was researching my covered casserole alternatives. Le Creuset is the gold standard. Did you know that their cast iron casseroles cost hundreds of dollars each!!Martha Stewart makes a similar product. They’re not as expensive and I’m sure they’re not as good as Le Creuset. But they’re STILL too expensive for me. Unless, maybe, I can get one on sale somewhere.

I’m a big Macy’s fan. I buy Macy’s gift cards online for 10% off. They offer free shipping on orders over $99. I can return or exchange anything I order online at one of the stores near me. So, while I might be able to get something used off of eBay, for less than what I’d pay at Macy’s, I really value the flexibility and security I get from them.

They carry the Martha Stewart enameled cast iron collection. And they have a closeout sale on the eggplant and zinc colors. I would have loved turquoise, but the zinc is attractive and goes well enough with our decor that I can set it out on what used to be my “Evesham” shelf. The 3 qt casserole is marked down from $119.99 to $39.99. The 6 qt casserole is marked down from $149.99 to $59.99.

I buy both a) because I’m not sure which size would work the best, and b) it puts me over the $99 free shipping threshold. I’ll keep one and return the other.

And, maybe, this will get me looking into selling some of the collectibles I have sitting in cupboards. Maybe breaking my casserole will end up making me some money!


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