Today We Avoided Buying Some Blinds

My brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit in February, so we’re finally getting the guest room set up.

Jay found a good deal on a bedroom set at a garage sale in the fall. I got a really good mattress on sale. It was brand new, but was either the last of its kind, or had been returned (though never taken out of the plastic) and the discount was higher than any of the other mattresses they had on sale. I also bought some bedding at HomeGoods for something like $54 (and this is for a king size bed), so it’s really coming together.

The room has some fabric pullback curtains that are more decorative than functional. And not even very decorative, at that. They’re sort of a boring almost mustard color to match the boring somewhat mustard colored walls.

But, we’re not worrying about paint color or new curtains – at least not for a LONG time. My immediate concern is that I want to be able to make the room dark, even during the day. And the existing curtains didn’t accomplish that. So I figured we’d need some kind of blinds.

I went to measure the window and realized it would be trickier than I thought. There isn’t much depth to the window frame, making inside mount blinds difficult. Plus, it’s actually two panes of glass with a center frame that juts out, interfering with the already “not deep” depth. (If that makes any sense.) Basically, inside mount blinds were going to be almost impossible, yet the whole look of the window calls for inside mounts.

I decided that it would be easier, and cheaper, to simply get a spring rod and two curtain panels to provide additional light blockage. They could be drawn aside during the day. We had a spring rod that wasn’t in use and, bingo, it was the right width. Downstairs, in the family room, there were some curtains that Jay didn’t like. They didn’t seem to belong where they were. It occurred to me that they might have been in the guest room at some point – given the color and theme (oriental) which is how the guest room had been decorated when we first looked at the house.

We measured them, just for kicks, and they were practically perfect! Plus, they really perked up the boring existing curtains. They don’t exactly match the bedding I had already bought, but I’ll be able to tie everything together with a coordinating pillow or two.

Anyway, with the curtain panels drawn across the window AND the existing curtains drawn, the light blockage is more than acceptable. I might leave a clothespin available to clip the outside curtains together at night. But, our guests won’t be complaining about waking at the crack of dawn because of a poorly darkened room. And, given that many of our guests will be related to me, with our very heightened sensitivity and narrow comfort zones – they will be appreciative!!

We still need something for the bare walls. I’m leaning towards a bunch of plates with an oriental theme. I’ll be able to pick them up, over time, cheaply. Will just keep my eye out for them when I go to HomeGoods or Target or estate sales. I’ve got a closeup picture of the curtains on my iPhone, so I can more easily find the pillows and wall “art”. I probably won’t have everything in time for my brother’s visit, but that’s OK. I’m patient and I’m expecting they’ll visit again – because of the lovely king-sized bed and comfy mattress and nice, dark room!

In the meantime, I’m thrilled!


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