Today I Bought an Expensive Head of Cauliflower

I don’t quite understand the appeal of small, natural, health food store groceries.

It was bitterly cold at the beginning of the week. I was picking something up at Party City, and decided that, rather than make a separate stop at King Soopers I would just dash into the “Natural Grocer” next door to Party City. I needed to buy a cauliflower, which I had forgotten to pick up the previous day.  

The produce section was remarkably small. The cauliflower head was remarkable small. There were no self checkout stations. There was one clerk, and the person ahead of me was buying a trillion bags of herbs and nuts and veggies. (Luckily, they called someone else but it took awhile for her to show up.) And the cauliflower cost almost double what it would have cost me at King Soopers.

I’ve shopped, from time to time, at the Sprouts that’s near my house and their prices are quite reasonable. But, the appeal of that Natural Grocer store completely eludes me, unless, of course, it’s bitterly cold out and you’re desperate to spend as little time outside as possible and you happen to be right there. At the time it was worth it.

But had I not forgotten to get it the day before, I wouldn’t have had to buy such an expensive head of cauliflower. Always make a list AND make sure you get everything on it!


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