Today I Did Not Save Any Money

Let me tell you how NOT to save money.

Let yourself get distracted from the task at hand.

Today, I had to drive out to Douglas County to file in small claims court. In 2006 we redeemed a property out of foreclosure, in order to make some money and help someone out.

We neither made any money, nor did the people deserve to be helped out. We have found, three times no less, that if someone doesn’t pay their mortgage, they don’t pay their rent!

Anyway, the whole plan was that they would lease to own and, once their credit was restored, they would buy the house back – and we would make a profit. Little did we know that the housing market would crash so badly. We limped along for six years. They lied. They didn’t answer the phone. They didn’t pay. She was crazy. He was beaten down. They smoked and drank the rent money until we’d start eviction proceedings and the money would magically appear.

And, in November, they bought the house back!! Of course, they got it for MUCH less than our original plan. And we had to pay all their closing costs, including taxes and insurance. In fact, they qualified for a special loan and got a $170,000 house with only $1,000 down.

Not sure how that was possible! We found the lender and she had the patience of Job, dealing with them. I swear it was a miracle. We still didn’t believe it was happening until we actually walked out of the closing. And it was worth the loss, just to be rid of them and the house.

We were done – except they stopped paying rent in October and November. I’m assuming they had to save up that massive $1,000 down payment. We didn’t want to compromise the sale, so we didn’t start eviction proceedings. At the closing, they acknowledged they owed us the back rent and wrote two post dated checks to cover it. Yay!!

And then they put stop payments on the checks.

Hence the trip to Douglas County today to file in small claims court. In fact, we’re trying to take advantage of the “bad check statute” where you can get three times what is owed. We’ll see.

So, how did I not save any money today (aside from the loser deal we did)? Well – after filling out all the paperwork and getting my calendar and Mapquesting my way to the court, I got distracted with some other issue, and drove all the way there (30 minutes) with my calendar and the directions and none of the necessary paperwork. Don’t ask me how I drove out of the garage without double checking. I couldn’t believe it!!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to keep calm, so I just drove back home to get the paperwork and then returned all over again. Including the time at the courthouse, it took a good three hours. I stayed calm but, let me tell you, it was not easy.


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