Today We Used Lots of Coupons

Saturday night Jay and I went to see Les Miserables. We used the Groupon deal I got – two tickets for $10, which is half price! Even though we got there really early, seating was limited and we couldn’t even sit together, unless we wanted to be way up front.

The movie was so-so and I thought he’d be hating it. But he thought it was fine and now, finally, we know the story – having never seen the musical nor read the book.

After we bought the tickets and before the movie started, we ran over to Hodson’s, a restaurant, where we used yet another coupon from the many books we ended up with from our daughter’s lacrosse fundraiser from last year. We had a $15 coupon. A salad, a cup of soup, and two bourbons, after the coupon, came to $10.68. With tip, $15.

So, our evening out came to a whopping $25!!

Yesterday, Rachel and I went to the aquarium with my sister-in-law and her toddler. I had an Entertainment Book coupon saving $8 off the price of one of our admissions.

Total savings from using coupons: $10 + $15 + $8 = $33


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