Today I Whitened My Teeth

My teeth needed to be whitened. Not “white paint” white, like you see more and more these days – just brighter, whiter.

I saw a Groupon the other week for teeth whitening for $99, a big discount off the regular price of $300+. But, I decided I didn’t want to spend $99 before trying some other options. The whitening strips, for example, work very well (according to our dentist). I think they cost around $30 or so.

But what about whitening toothpaste? For around $4, I bought the Rembrandt brand (at Bed, Bath and Beyond, using my 20% off coupon AND the discount gift card I bought online). It says to use at least twice/day, but my teeth are sensitive so I only use it once/day. I noticed an improvement within a week. And I’m pretty sure this tube will last me 6-12 months.

I’m not saying I won’t end up trying one of the other, more expensive options. But there’s a really good chance I won’t have to.


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