Today We Took a Bed Off Our Friends’ Hands

We have a bed problem. At least we don’t have a bedroom problem anymore. In our old house we had four bedrooms – one for me and Jay, and one each for the three kids. No guest room, which was a problem whenever we had guests. We had to shift the kids around, or one of the boys would sleep on the basement couch.

It got worse when our oldest went to college. I immediately took over one of the rooms for a home office. So, whenever he came home (Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, all summer), he didn’t have a bedroom. He was a very unhappy camper that first Thanksgiving, so Jay turned a part of our basement into a makeshift bedroom for him. We still, however, didn’t have a guest room.

Our new house solves the bedroom problem. We have five bedrooms AND an office. Yay!!

Now we just have a bed problem. The boys are both in college in Ft Collins. So, they take their beds up there, leaving bedrooms w/o beds here in Denver whenever they come back to visit. We recently bought a bedroom set for our guest room. Jay found a really nice one at a garage sale and the room looks great. So – one of the boys can sleep there. But, that still leaves one without a bed.

The other day, right before Thanksgiving, our good friends asked if we were interested in a bed – mattress, boxspring and frame. Yes!! They thought it was a queen size, but it turned out to be a full size. So, Casey, who’s about 6′ 3″, is too tall for it. But it’s better than nothing and he’s a college student, used to discomfort!

ps. you may be wondering why we upsized just as our kids are all off to college. They keep coming back, multiple times/year. And I have a feeling they’ll be living with us, off and on, for the next 5-6 years, until and unless this miserable economy improves. And, I want to be happy and comfortable if and when they do have to stay with us. PLUS, we got a good deal on the house, buying around the time the market bottomed out, from people who were tired of trying to sell (two years), and had lots of money and could take the loss. 

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