Today I’m Flying to Calgary

Here are some ways I’ll be saving money:

– I booked the flight using reward miles (although I messed up and had to pay an extra $75 for a “close in” fee.

– I paid the fees and taxes using my Explorer card, which means I can check my bag for free. Nothing drives me crazier than having to pay to check a bag. Except, perhaps, trying to NOT check a bag and having to pack all my toiletries into a tiny plastic bag!! I’m 52 and involve a LOT of makeup and lotions so I look no older than 50.

– I’m bringing my new INK Bold card with me, so I won’t incur any foreign transaction fees (a first!)

– I’m bringing copies of our Christmas letter to give to all the friends and family I’ll be seeing, so I don’t have to pay for postage.

– I’m NOT bringing or sending presents. I’ll buy gift cards for my parents when I’m there. They love Tim Horton’s, but I can never send Tim Horton gift cards because the company is so stupid they charge something like a $12 shipping fee when 99% of retailers mail gift cards for free. (They also, until this year, didn’t take VISA. Only Mastercard. Found that out the hard way one year – as I didn’t have a Mastercard, nor Canadian cash. How ridiculous.) Anyway, I usually send presents to my family (about 12 people in all) but they don’t reciprocate (which is fine) and I never usually find out if they even got the presents in the first place (which is NOT fine). Not all of them are guilty of this, of course. Anyway, I think the whole sending them presents isn’t necessary and, if anything, causes an “Oh Geez” reaction because they don’t want to have to send me something. This year, I’m only buying for my parents and will save myself $200+.


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