Today I Bought a Gift For the Neighborhood Women’s Christmas Party

This is one of those parties where you draw numbers and pick a present and someone can steal your present if they like it. You’re supposed to spend $20. I always end up getting something lousy – like last year when I got a diary/notebook. Yeah, right – $20. How about $6 at TJ Maxx!?

I often end up trying to steal the present I brought, ’cause at least it will be something I like and I KNOW I spent $20 on it.

Anyway, today I zipped over to Macy’s on my way to the pool. I have coupons, for $10 off a purchase of $25, before 1 pm. They expired today. I have two of them – one from the paper and one from a mailer. The fine print said only one offer per customer, but that never seems to be an issue. I knew I’d be able to use each one.

First, I was looking for the gift. I know, from experience, that wine, chocolate, jewelry and accessories are the most sought after. DON’T buy Christmas towels or candles!!! Or notebooks! I went to the costume jewelry section and found a super nice matching necklace and earrings on sale for 40%. Original price came to $48. Sale price came to $26.80. Post coupon price was $20.07, and that was with tax!

I may have to steal it for myself…

I was also looking for some inexpensive, leisure clothes for me to wear during the day. I like their Style & Co brand and I wasn’t disappointed. I found a black vest for 50% off. Regularly priced $49, it came to $24.50. I had to spend $25 to get the $10 off, so I found a nice Christmas ornament that was 60% off, marked down from $6 to $2.16. After the coupon, my total came to $17.78.

I also bought some Style & Co yoga type pants. They are always $24.98, rarely come on sale and coupons don’t apply. I have a black pair I wear constantly, so I got a gray pair. I also found two cute knit pullover tops to match. Each was regularly $39 on sale for 50% off. After using the same coupon I used for the vest, each of them came to $14.50

To sweeten the whole deal, I paid using Macy gift cards I buy online for a 10% discount.


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