Today I Ordered a JC Penney Gift Card

One of the items on Rachel’s Christmas list is Prada “Candy” perfume.

I cannot believe how much perfume costs! I Googled it and found that the least expensive bottle is $60. Locally, it’s sold at Macy’s, Nordstroms and Sephora. I can also get it online, but I want to be able to return it in case she changes her mind. Last week, she wanted Ed Hardy perfume.

I can buy discount Macy’s or Sephora gift cards for 10% off, and Nordstrom’s for 5% off.

But I just recalled that when I was at JC Penney’s a month or so ago, there was a Sephora counter in the store. JC Penney discount gift cards can be “had” for between 23%-33% off. I called the store to see if the Sephora counter would honor JC Penney gift cards and they do!

So, I found and ordered a card. Unfortunately, I only got one for 23% off. I’m assuming that, since it’s close to Christmas, demand is up forcing the discount down. (I wonder what will happen after Christmas? Maybe that will be a great time to stock up on cards.)

Anyway, with the additional 2.5% discount from TOPCASHBACK, I’m getting the card for close to a 25% discount and the perfume will cost closer to $45 than $60.

Still expensive, if you ask me. But the pricier the things are on her list, the fewer of them she gets. My budget for each of the kids is $400 and I’m sticking to it.


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