Today I Bought a North Face Vest at Sports Authority

I’m doing my Christmas shopping in earnest now. At the top of my daughter’s list was a black, down, Nuptse, North Face vest.


I got online and quickly discovered they cost $149 pretty much everywhere. Locally, I could buy one at Sports Authority. Of course, before I hop in my car I call a variety of locations to see if they even have one in her size. Good thing, too. The two closest locations did not have one. Or at least I have to assume that the closest location didn’t have one as the lazey, teen aged sounding employee there didn’t even bother to go look. She just said they didn’t carry it, which isn’t true.

Anyway – the downtown location had two and I had them put one on hold for me. These vests are hot with the kids and they’ll all be gone soon. I wasn’t going to wait. Then I started searching through my coupons. I have some really good ones ($25 off a purchase of $100 or more), but the fine print on all of them said that North Face items were excluded.

I checked my Entertainment book and they have one for $20 off and North Face items are not excluded. So, not counting tax, I got the vest for $129 vs. $149. I paid using my Ink BOLD credit card vs. the Vanilla Visas I buy at Office Depot. I’ve decided to use those for things where there’s little to no chance of doing a return – like groceries, gas, restaurants, movies, etc. The Ink BOLD has purchase protection, as well, something I’ve never used but need to research in case it ever comes in handy.

Once I had the vest in my possession, I went online to look for discounted Sports Authority gift cards. You can get them for 17% off at Cardpool.

Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards at!

I also get an additional 2% off going through TOPCASHBACK. I didn’t want to buy one for $300, since my purchase was only for $130. But I found a gift card worth $112 that I got for $93, saving me an additional $19. With the Topcashback rebate, I’ll round it up to $20.

Once the gift card arrives, I’ll stop by the closest Sports Authority to return and rebuy the vest using the gift card, something they’ll let me do. And I will have purchased the $149 vest for $109, a 27% discount! 

Next on the list, Prada perfume.


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