Today I’m Rethinking Where I Buy Toiletries

Historically, I’ve always avoided buying toiletries at the grocery store. I buy them at Costco, or Target, or Bed, Bath and Beyond (BBB) because they couldn’t possibly be cheaper at King Soopers.

Not always true!

I bought a stick of Dove deodorant at BBB yesterday. With my 20% off coupon it came to $2.23. I even used the ShopSavvy app on my new iPhone (I washed my five-year-old Blackberry by accident and was overdue for an upgrade) to verify that this was cheaper than other retailers. And, I had previously checked how much each stick came to at Costco ($2.69, if I recall or was it $2.39?). Anyway, BBB’s price with my coupon was the lowest.

So, imagine my surprise when the King Soopers insert came today and the Dove deodorant was $1.98! I logged into my King Soopers account and even found a $1 coupon if I buy two. Next time I’m there, I’m going to see if, indeed, I can get two Dove deodorants for $1.48 each.

I don’t buy deodorant often, so it’s not like this is a BIG deal. But it’s a great price, and it tells me to pay attention to the non-food items on sale at King Soopers. I’m more than happy to get deodorant for $1.48. And I don’t have to buy five at a time, like at Costco. And I can save my BBB coupons for other items.

update: I bought the Dove deodorant at King Soopers, but it was a less expensive version of what I used to get at Costco. So, the savings on the actual item wasn’t as much as outlined above. HOWEVER, I now know that I can save money by buying their cheaper offerings (eg. fresh scent vs. cucumber watermelon).

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