Today I Filled a Prescription

Aggghh – I can’t stand my new doctor. Neither can my daughter. Our old doctor, who was great, stopped taking insurance. Plus, we moved south and her office moved north. So, it wasn’t going to work anyway.

But this new doctor has NO personality at all. And, though I’ve seen her 2-3 times, the last time I saw her she thought was a brand new patient. And she seems sure that we’re up to no good when we want a prescription. Like we’re going to sell the pills in a dark alley.

Anyway, I took Rachel’s new prescription to the pharmacy. When it came time to pay for it, the pharmacist said it was $30. Our copay is $15. Always. Unless it’s for more than a month. Oh wait – the doctor wrote the prescription for 31 days. 0-30 days qualifies as a month. 31-60 is two months. Hence the $30 copay. The pharmacist “fixed” it for me, though she probably wasn’t supposed to.

Don’t tell me the doctor didn’t know what she was doing. And good thing Rachel didn’t take it in. She would not have known we were paying $15 for that one extra pill.

Anyway, pay attention! Pay attention! You will save yourself money.

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