Today I Got Free Chicken

I’ve posted before about getting items for free at King Soopers. Well, it happened again. I wanted to buy some frozen chicken tenderloins (if they were on sale) to make Chicken Piccata. The tenderloins weren’t on sale. But the frozen chicken breasts were marked down from $8.99 to $6.99.

This was a little unusual. If there’s a sale, typically both types are on sale. I also noticed, that there was a discrepancy between the sales price on the freezer door vs. the price on the rack. Hmmm – pretty good chance the price was going to ring up wrong.

So, I grabbed a bag of the chicken breasts. Sure enough, when I checked out they rang up as $7.99, not $6.99 per the sales sign on the freezer door.

Bingo! Got them for free. A manager had to go check, but he agreed that they didn’t ring up correctly.

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