Today I Bought Some Chipotle Gift Cards

Every year I buy Chipotle gift cards as stocking stuffers. The guys are crazy about their burritos. Me, not so much. But, for them, Chipotle gift cards are like gold. Especially for our starving college students.

Years ago, I subscribed to get emails and promotions from Chipotle. Every Christmas, they have a deal where, if you buy $X in gift cards, you can use your receipt to get a free burrito. This year, you have to spend $30. Since a burrito costs around $6 or $7, it’s a pretty good value. Good enough, in fact, to consider getting Chipotle gift cards as gifts for teachers, mail carriers, and anyone else you happen to get gift cards for. (Thank goodness we’re past the teacher present thing.)

I already have some Chipotle gift cards that I got for a 10% discount thru So, I’ll probably just buy the minimum $30 for the guys. And I’ll give the receipt to Jay. It will be a treat for him to not have to take leftovers to work one day.

(Of course, if you decide you want more than $30, make sure to purchase them in $30 increments, in separate transactions, so you get as many receipts for a free burrito as possible.)

And I’ll pay with my Vanilla Visa for 5x points.

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