Today I Bought Something on

I’ve been wanting to buy an over the door storage basket system for our daughter’s bathroom for a Christmas present. I wanted to buy it from Bed, Bath and Beyond since I have 20% coupons and gift cards that I buy at a 10% discount. But they don’t have them in store and they are out of stock online.

So, I checked prices online. had the best price, by about $5. They also offered free shipping. And I don’t have to pay sales tax. And I can access their site via TOPCASHBACK and get an additional 9% off (you have to keep track though, as purchases don’t always register with TopCashBack and you have to pursue it).

Finally, I was able to pay with a Vanilla Visa, giving me 5x points. 

So, while I would have preferred buying it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I still got a good deal. And, also important, I can strike it off my Next Activities list.

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