Today I Saved 36% Off My King Soopers Bill

After racking up $30.37 in coupon savings my bill came to $54.21. I had two physical coupons, both of which got doubled, for a total of $2 off. The remaining $28 in savings were Sooper Card discounts. They were having a Mega Event Sale where you got 50¢ off selected items when you bought 10 of them (mix and match).

The Carnation evaporated milk, regularly priced at $1.69, was on sale for 99¢ and you got an additional 50¢ off for buying 10 participating items – making the total cost 49¢. That’s half of the Costco price!

Campbell’s Mushroom soup, regularly $1.49, was on sale for $1.19. With the additional 50¢off it came to 69¢.

Other items were also on sale and some of the discounts didn’t even factor into the calculated savings. Ramen noodles were 5/$1. I can’t remember what the regular price is, but it’s more than 20¢ each.

I’m not sure I bought enough to last me until the next sale. But I noted the sale on a calendar I keep, in order to figure out the sales cycle. I’m betting that the soup and evaporated milk, for example, are part of a pre-Thanksgiving promotion. If they’re only priced this low once/year, I’ll really stock up next time.

ps. I paid using my Vanilla Visa that I bought at Office Depot using my Chase Ink BOLD card, so my $50 grocery bill translates into 250 points.


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