Today We Put Off Buying Something

A few weeks ago I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of both our Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa and our Chase Ink BOLD Mastercard. In order to get bonus points of 40,000 and 25,000, respectively, we have to meet some spending thresholds within the first three months.

We’ve already met the spending requirements in 2012 to get the 10,000 bonus miles on our Explorer card. So, my strategy was to put as many purchases as possible on the new cards, once they came, and then switch back in early 2013 to the Explorer so we can get the bonus miles next year.

But, while we were waiting for the new cards, none of the purchases we made would count towards spending requirements for any cards. So, I decided to wait to buy anything except essentials until the new cards arrived.

Postponing purchases actually does result in saving money. If you postpone going out for dinner or to a movie, you probably aren’t going to try and catch up the next week or month and go out an extra time. Same if you put off going to Starbucks (and I highly recommend making your own yummy coffee at home, instead). If you postpone a haircut by two weeks your whole haircut schedule will probably get shifted by two weeks – though that won’t exactly cut down the number of haircuts you get in a year, unless you postpone it by two weeks a number of times.

Other times, postponing just represents a delay in the spending – like when you buy a durable good. Unless, of course, you delay making a purchase because you are waiting for a sale or a coupon. In those instances, postponing equates to saving too! 

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