Today I Printed Mapquest Directions

I still don’t have an iPhone. As of this month I’m eligible to get one on our Verizon plan, but I just haven’t gotten around to figuring out which one to get. (That will be another topic to post about.)

Anyway – this means that I rely on Mapquest for directions, if and when I need them. Jay has a Garmin and he’ll need it for awhile, as I doubt he’ll be getting an iPhone anytime soon!

Today I printed directions off of Mapquest. Because I’m frugal, I don’t like to use any more  ink or paper than necessary. I’m sure it doesn’t save me that much over the year – maybe $10-$20, but I’m OK with that! I save $5-$20 all over the place and it adds up.

When I print directions, I unselect most of the print options, including “Total Distance Traveled”, “Helpful Hints”, “Map” (usually), and “Advertisement”. Then, after clicking the “Print Page” button, I click the “Preferences” button, then the “Color” tab and I select “Print in grayscale”.

It takes much less time to do than it takes to read the instructions I just gave you!

I use the same tactic when printing boarding passes and other internet documents with color images.

This strategy can also come in handy when you are trying to print something and your color cartridge is out of ink. Come to think of it, it comes in handy when your black cartridge is out of ink. Once, late in the evening, the night before I was due to give an early morning presentation, I went to print everything off and EGADS! I was out of black ink. All the stores were closed and I had to be at my presentation before the stores would open in the morning. In a panic, I thought about emailing my notes to a neighbor and running over to print them there. But it was LATE! Then I realized that I could print them off in color. I can’t remember if I used red or blue, but it was one of the two.

Disaster averted. Luckily, it wasn’t something I had to hand in!

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