Today We Ate Leftovers

Not too exciting, eh?! Jay tends to be our leftover vacuum cleaner. But, this weekend, my goal is to use up all the leftovers and perishables in the fridge, which means I will have to kick in as well. No eating out. No new groceries. No opening a new box of cereal if we still have anything else already opened.

You get my drift.

We throw very little food out. Remarkably little. And, as I’ve mentioned before, by brown bagging his lunch Jay has saved, literally tens thousands of dollars over the years ($5 per lunch x 5 days/week x 52 weeks/year x 26 years of marriage = $33,800).

Practicing austerity is good for you. Try it every once in a while, like for a weekend or a week or the month of February…

I think practicing austerity, having to save, budget and do without builds character. Never saying no to yourself (or your kids!), whether you can really afford it or not, does nothing whatsoever to build character. Nothing. It’s one of the reasons I think having too much money is not really a blessing. I’m not saying money is the root of all evil, but I have seen what too much can do to people and it is not a pretty picture. The same goes for poverty, of course. Extremes are dangerous.

Anyway – this weekend we ate leftovers.

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