Today I Prevailed Over Comcast (I Hope)

My battle with Comcast has, hopefully, come to an end. You can read all about the history here and here. My latest fight occurred two days ago when I called customer service (after waiting 10 days for a promised callback that never came) regarding more errors in our bill – specifically, why are they charging us for 4 HD boxes when we only have 3, and why did they charge us $50 for a Failed Self Install Kit. If they hadn’t caused us so much trouble, and failed to send a technician, we wouldn’t have even had to do a self install!!!

Anyway, I got through to a customer service rep who, supposedly, corrected the 4 HD boxes. But she had to put me through to a supervisor in order to try and get the $50 charge reversed. The supervisor, Ruth, was not very nice. I asked her to please check our history, as I know that they log all the calls and complaints and problems.

She said she would agree to refund half of the $50 charge, but not all of it. Why half? Either Comcast screwed up or they didn’t. And, trust me, they’ve screwed up a LOT – including the contractor about to pee on our yard. I started explaining everything we’d been through, including how frustrating it was to have the Mexican contractors bury our cable and, in the process, cut off ALL our service.

Ruth got super pissy before I was finished and told me that race had nothing to do with it. Super pissy. I continued and explained that, yes, it does have something to do with it when they can’t speak English – which was the situation I was in when they cut all our services. I wouldn’t have cared if they were martians, so long as we could have conversed. But we couldn’t. “Call Comcast” was all he could say.

Anyway – I was mad and I went to their website and, sure enough, I found a page where you could email, directly, the Senior Vice President of Customer Operations. I sent him a quick email telling him to check our records and telling him about my conversation with Ruth. At least it felt good to get it off my chest!

And, guess what?! Less than 24 hours later I got an email from Escalations/Executive Support acknowledging my complaint and telling me the disputed charge of $50 has been reversed, in addition to the $25 reversal I already got from Ruth.

Vindication!! I just pray that my next bill has everything resolved. That, and I hope the pixellation that was happening last night was due to the snow and that we don’t have more problems…


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