Today I Changed My Costco Membership

I know I posted recently that I was NOT going to change my Costco membership from Executive to Gold member status when we renew on Nov 1 because the 2% cashback was more valuable than the $55 additional cost in membership.

However, things change! I just discovered that I can purchase Costco cash cards online using the Vanilla Visas I buy at Office Depot using my new Ink BOLD Mastercard. I get 5x points/miles for that! (It really boils down to 4x because you have to pay a $4.95 activation fee on the $500 card, which is 1%).

Also, I’m really noticing that, between a) moving farther away from a Costco, and b) the kids spending less and less time here, we’re not spending nearly as much money there. If I find that it’s too much of a pain to buy the cash cards online, or if we start to spend more there I can always upgrade our membership at the cash register.

But, for now, I’d much rather save $55/year AND rack up miles at that great 4x rate – especially while we’re trying to meet the spend requirements for bonus points on the Ink BOLD. Jay and I are going to start taking trips once we’re empty nesters next year. And we’re starting with a practice trip to California while Rachel is off on a senior trip to Florida!

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