Today I Disputed a Charge on my Credit Card

I’ve mentioned before that I keep a Next Activities list. If I didn’t, I’d never be able to keep track of all the To Do’s and details of my life. And, if I couldn’t do that, I’d lose money.

Everything I can think of goes on my list – from the big things like making sure Rachel completes her college applications and I schedule to have her wisdom teeth out, to the small things like making sure the gift card I ordered arrives.

A week and a half ago, Rachel went to see Looper with her friends, only to have to change plans when they realized that one of the girls had forgotten her id and couldn’t get in. I only know this because of some texts messages that we exchanged that evening. So, when I was checking out our credit card activity online, I was surprised to see a $10.50 charge at the local theater. I asked Rachel about it and she assured me that she went back to the ticket desk to get a refund.

Hmmm – sometimes it takes awhile for charges to get credited. Plus, the charge itself was still showing as pending. So, I waited a full week. Today, when I went to check again, the $10.50 had moved from pending to complete and there was no sign of a credit. So, I disputed the charge – which is very easy to do online, at least with my Chase cards.

I immediately got a message saying that they’ve credited the $10.50 to my account. Well, I don’t see it, so this little To Do item will stay on my list until the credit does show up. I’ve disputed an item before without any trouble. Hopefully, by the time I get my statement the charge will be gone, or the credit will be there to offset it.

Hmmm – that reminds me. I have to call Comcast back. They owe me $75 and I was supposed to get a callback regarding it. Thank goodness I have this on my Next Activities list or I might forget all about it!

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