Today I Ordered Lowes and Home Depot Gift Cards

Between our house and the rentals, I doubt a week goes by when Jay isn’t fixing something. He’s always going to Home Depot or Lowes. So, this morning I decided we should stock up on gift cards.

We can buy discounted gift cards online and save about 10%. If there aren’t any available or if we need them immediately, I can run over to OfficeMax or Office Depot and buy the gift cards there with my Ink BOLD and, at least, get 5x points. Or I can buy them anywhere using the Vanilla Visa I already bought at Office Depot, also resulting in 5x points.

Luckily, there were lots of discounted gift cards at Cardpool this morning and I bought $200 worth. Between the 2% cashback from TOPCASHBACK and the 7.5% discount at Cardpool, I saved almost $20. Because they were available, I bought plastic cards. Had they not been available, I would have explored buying eCodes, using them to buy plastic cards from and/or Some retailers allow you to buy physical gift cards online using electonic gift card codes. Some don’t.

$200 won’t last us long, but at least it’s a start. 😉

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