Today I Got My Target REDcard

My Target REDcard arrived in the mail and my plan to use it to buy Target gift cards online worked perfectly!

Now I can save money and earn miles:

– I can save 5% whenever I shop at Target using my REDcard.

– I can save money AND earn miles by buying Target gift cards online with my MileagePlus VISA. Plastic Jungle sells Target gift cards at a 5% discount. If you access their site by going through TOPCASHBACK, you save an additional 4%. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to buy plastic gift cards. But, more frequently, you’ll only be able to get Target eCodes. No problem! Just use the eCodes to buy plastic Target gift codes at Buy slightly more gift cards than you actually have eCodes for, and pay the balance using your Target REDcard. Voila, free shipping!

As I said earlier, I don’t know that I’ll always go through the hassle of getting the discount Target eCodes and then ordering plastic cards online. But it’s an option if I want/need miles. And it’s a way to boost the spending on my Visa in order to meet spending requirements for bonus miles, something I need to do now that my Chase INK Bold card has arrived.

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