Tonight We Watched a Movie at Home

We love to watch a movie in bed on Friday nights, if we don’t have anything else going on. We have a lovely big flatscreen. It’s like having a theater in your bedroom.

We used to subscribe to Blockbuster’s program where you could have movies mailed to you and also exchange them in store. But the Blockbusters are almost all closed down and there isn’t one near our new house, so we cancelled our subscription.

But we can rent for $1 at one of the many Redbox locations nearby.

Or we can On Demand a movie from Comcast. MANY are free (with your paid subscription, of course). We watched OUR IDIOT BROTHER, which was free because COMCAST gave us 3 free months of Showtime for all the hassles they’ve caused us over the past few months. It was cute!

We don’t watch movies on our computer and we don’t have Netflix or know how to stream movies onto our big flatscreen TV – but those are other ways to mimic having a theater in your house.



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