Today I Bought Beef Tenderloin for $3.99/lb

I recently posted about getting a grocery item for free. Another way to save money, albeit just occasionally, is to buy items when they are mistakenly priced too low.

In this case, you do NOT want to bring it to the cashier’s attention! 😉

Look for these unadvertised mistakes in the meat department. I’ve snatched up deals at both Costco and King Soopers. It happens when the butcher packages meat and forgets to switch the price when he switches the cut from, let’s say, ground beef to filet mignon.

It doesn’t happen often and I’m not advising you to check ALL the packaging in the meat dept. But pay attention to the price of what you’re buying and you may score. (And, of course, buy more than you would ordinarily. As in, all of it if the deal is good enough.)

If, however, the butcher forgets to make the switch from filet to ground beef, you could end up paying TOO much. But not if you’re on top of it and notice the mistake and get your hamburger meat for free!!

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