Today I Got Free Roast Beef

French Dip with au jus is a simple, tasty meal I really enjoy. I make it from time to time, but only when King Sooper’s certified Angus deli meat is on sale. There’s no comparison between it and their other roast beef, so it’s certified Angus or nothing.The regular price is $9.49. Ouch!! On sale, you can get it for $7.99 (still pricey, I know).

And, rarely, it’s free!

Well, very rarely – but it’s still worth mentioning, because this applies to ANY item purchased at King Soopers. If an item rings up for a higher amount than marked or advertised, you get it for free.

Of course, this means that you first have to notice the pricing error! So pay attention when you are being rung up. It happens more frequently than you’d think. The cashier is supposed to charge you nothing, as that’s their policy, but you can’t always count on it. If they don’t, ask.

Instead of costing $7.99, my certified Angus roast beef was free. I only wish I’d bought 2 lbs!

French Dip with au jus

Deli roast beef, sliced thin
Kaiser or torpedo rolls
Slices of swiss cheese
1/4 – 1/2 packet of au jus powder mix

Make au jus according to package directions. Arrange roast beef and swiss cheese on a sliced roll. Microwave for 30 seconds (optional). Serve with au jus and a salad.

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