Today I Signed Up at Topcashback

I’ve discovered another online shopping site that offers cash back. Like Ebates and the United MileagePlus Shopping site, you can save money or earn miles by shopping at affiliated retailers. And, like the other websites, it acts as a portal in that you must access the affiliates’ shopping sites via the TOPCASHBACK site.

If you want to give it a go, I’d sure appreciate it if you accessed the site via this link so I get credit for referring you:


If you’re shopping online and ready to make a purchase, stop. First go to TOPCASHBACK and Ebates and the United MileagePlus shopping mall to see if any (or all) of them offer rewards for shopping thru them. If any or all of them do, pick the one with the best reward, close your browser window for the store you were shopping at and then access it via the “rewards” site portal.

I’ve already gotten a check from Ebates and I’ve got $4.50 in my TOPCASHBACK account – FOR THINGS I WAS BUYING ANYWAY!

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