Today I Bought an Entertainment Book

I know I said I’d wait to purchase the 2013 book in a previous post, but it occurred to me that parents end up with multiple books because their kids have to sell them for the school and that I might be able to find one on Craigslist for cheap.

I know this because I’ve been there before with other school/team sport fundraisers. 😉

So I checked and, sure enough, there were some for sale. Most were at the retail price of $35, which is more expensive than ordering it online. And lots of them were far from where I live. But there was one nearby for $25. I asked if she’d take $20 and the answer was a resounding “yes”!

The 2013 book isn’t as good as the 2012, at least for me. The discount movie tickets for the theater we like to go to aren’t there any more. And, instead of four $5 coupons for King Soopers, there are only two. But the monthly 10% discounts at the rec center I go to are still available. Those, alone, make purchasing the book worth it. And there are other coupons and discounts that I’m sure I’ll use. I need to make a point of exploring the offerings more. There are online discounts and printable discounts in addition to the coupons in the book.

If you do buy a book off of Craigslist, make sure the book is intact, with the membership card in the front. If you decide to order online, make sure to order via United’s online shopping mall as you get 6x miles!

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