Today I Bought Cereal for 50% Off

Jay eats a lot of cereal – specifically Kellogg’s All Bran (flakes, buds and twigs). He’s been eating these for upwards of 20 years, so I’m never worried about buying too many boxes. Running out of them is much more of a concern.

The buds and the twigs are on sale at King Soopers this week. They usually cost $4.55 and $4.60. This week they are $2.99, a pretty good price. However, I also had a King Soopers coupons for All Bran cereal – the kind of coupon that prints out at the checkout, based on what you’ve purchased. It was for $1.50 off three boxes. So, my total cost per box was $2.49!

Of course, when I checked out, another coupon printed out for another $1.50 off three boxes. What the heck, I thought. I bought three more boxes.

And guess what?!

Another coupon printed off, this time for $2.00 off three boxes. That makes each box cost $2.32. That’s half price! What the heck, I bought three more boxes. The sale will be over next time I go to the store.

And, like I said, Jay eats a LOT of cereal!

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